Select the hardware you have or are ordering for installation of your gate.

Note: There are no gate specific installation instructions since the installation of a gate is really a function of it's hardware.
(You can't install a gate without the hinges to hang it from!)

Hinge / Latch Overview
Gate Operator Overview
Finishing / Maintenance
Gate Installation Diagrams

Twisted Ring Gate Latch, Street Swing

Twisted Ring Gate Latch, Yard Swing

Windsor Gate Latch

Hampton Thumb Latch, Street Swing

Hampton Thumb Latch, Yard Swing

Bronze Ring Turn Latch - 7in

Bronze Thumb Latch 8in w Dropbar

Suffolk Latch

12" Vintage Reversible Strap Hinges

Vintage Reversible Strap Hinges (18"-36")

High Load Strap Hinges with Receiver Plates

Medium Load Strap Hinges

Butt Hinges, Non Self Closing

Self Closing Butt Hinges

Cranked Band Strap Hinges

Decorative Strap Hinges

Emtek Cortina Keypad Levereset Installation Instructions

Emtek Double Cylinder Deadbolt Installation Instructions

Emtek EmTouch Keypad Deadbolt Installation Instructions

Emtek Helios Modern Brass Keypad Installation Instructions

Emtek Passage Knob/Lever Installation Instructions

Emtek Single Cylinder Deadbolt Installation Instructions

Emtek Triton Modern Brass Keypad Leverset Installation Instructions

Cane Bolt

Copper Cap Installation Instructions

DIY Panel

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